PISTON(S) FILLER CEDEP Single-Head Piston-Type Volumetric Filler

Developed for use in medium- and large-size total systems, ensuring product integrity and portion accuracy. Designed for quick, easy cleanup and low-cost maintenance. Runs at speeds up to 40 SPM to suit product and tooling. Vertically oriented piston draws the product into a cylinder via an 80 mm (diameter) portioning unit, allowing for a large opening that optimizes product suction and discharge. Piston is driven by a servomotor. Piston suction and discharge cycles can be easily adjusted by changing the acceleration, deceleration and speed parameters using programmed product codes based on specific product properties. Drive unit assembly is protected within a bolted stainless-steel enclosure, easy to access and service. Portioning unit opens and closes through the action of a pneumatic cylinder synchronized with the piston operation. Portioning valve is easy to remove manually and piston released from the tube through use of two-hand controls for cleanup. Basic model supplied with 100 L fixed single-wall hopper. Other hopper capacities available (see Options for alternatives).

Designed for medium- to large-scale volumetric filling of a variety of products including hot or cold, liquid to paste-like and with or without particles, such as

  • Sauces and spreads
  • Jams and compotes
  • Mustards and mayonnaises
  • Pâtés and meat, poultry or fish-based spreads/appetizers
  • Purees, mashed potatoes and shepherd’s pie

Configured to specific customer needs

Vertical piston positioning facilitates the product suction ensuring its integrity and total accuracy and consistency in portioning. A compact, open design makes the unit very easy to operate and clean.

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