LOBES-PUMP(S) FILLER CEDEL 160 Servo-driven lobe-pump filling machine

Machine is delivered with one filling head driven by a SEW servomotor. HMI is an Eaton touch screen with a possibility to program and store up to 100 product codes. Operator can adjust the portion volume as well as the filling speed and the lobe acceleration, deceleration and constant speed. Machine incorporates a 60 L single-wall hopper. Other capacities are available. The machine runs in three operating modes: Stroke/Stroke, Production, and Cleanup. When using a nozzle without cutoff device, product can be sucked back to avoid dribbling at end of filling cycle. An air-circuit purge is performed automatically whenever an emergency stop is actuated or a guard is opened. Electrical, pneumatics and automatics are grouped inside a stainless-steel cabinet mounted on machine frame. Cabinet door features touch screen protected by transparent cover. The signal for the start of filling is received via a dry contact and the return signal is transmitted via a Harting connector upon completion of the filling cycle. Machine supported by a tubular 304L stainless-steel frame mounted on four locking swivel castors.

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