Celtech, 34 years of experience

Our field experience in filling process has enabled us to develop and offer our national and international customers in the food and cosmetic industries a standard range and reliable piston filling machine, lobs and pocket.

We use these filling machines to design the ergonomics of the filling process with our customer according to their needs.

During the development our design office exchanges the plans with technical service of our customers. No project, large or small, is launched in manufacturing witout the approval of our customers after validation of ergonomic plans.

Our engineers are people in the field. They regularly work with our fitters to put machines into production, and thus have a real perception of the environments and interactions between the different production processes, which is an excellent design school.

The same applies to automation, we offer solutions according to our expérience, but we remain flexible to specific requirements, in order to obtain simple and intuitive interfaces. The remote maintenance module proposed for remote assistance is also an important element in this flexibility.

Our design office also collaborates with other supplier partners to install processes in the best conditions of timing and efficiency.

Our after-sales service technicians monitor recurring wear parts on stock. 95% of malfunctions are analyzed by phone, and following our instructions are reset quickly by the maintenance services.

We provide a permanent 52 weeks/year, from Monday to Friday from 8h00 to 18h00. We guarantee on-site intervention in metropolitan France within a maximum of 48 hours.

We install very reliable equipment equivalent to the best international standards, designed for simple maintenance.